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Apocalypse 2011

I've been having some thoughts about the upcoming Apocalypse. Specifically ways in which we can avoid it. I have a few ideas that might do it.

The Apocalypse will happen at 6 pm in each time zone (Pretty eneffable huh?) and since time zones are artificial constructs , we can easily manipulate them in the following ways.

First, simply declare that all local time stops at 5:00 pm on the 21st. Why 5:00 and not 5:59? well there is no sense in cutting things too close. This could get confusing with everything happening at 5:00, but better than the four horseman.

Second, we can just eliminate 6:00 pm and add that time to the five o'clock hour making it 120 minutes. I foresee a lot of pushback on this from swing shift hourly workers as it would adversely affect their incomes. It's also not my favorite.

Third we can eliminate the six o'clock hour and go to a 23 hour day. This would allow us to have a "leap" day every 23 days. I think the extra holidays would go over well but I can see there is a major problem. The days would end up cycling though the hours of darkness and this would mess up my wife's sleep schedule. A sleep deprived wife is a grouchy wife. Apocalypse.... grouchy wife....Apocalypse....grouchy... well let's move on then.

Lastly, and my personal favorite, we rename the six o'clock hour to , oh say Happy Hour! We could avoid the Apocalypse and stimulate the economy through the restaurant/bar industries. People should adapt easily as many of them already celebrate Happy Hour now.

If our government doesn't take action by the 20th, J and I will be forced to take our land and secede from the union . I will declare Happy Hour Time (HHT) in my country and skip the whole mess. We have a guest room but space is limited.

Good luck all!

(no subject)

Last week I planned on doing a little house painting, but first I thought I would do a little pruning to make that easier.

It quickly became clear that I had a major plant insurrection on my hands. The insurgents were being supported by my neighbor's trees who were sending runners into my yard and popping up all over the place.

So I spent a couple of hours doing yard work and then a couple more the next day and an hour or two each evening and then again this last weekend. Jeanine kept asking me "where are you going with those cans of gasoline?" to which I would respond, "back to the garage..."

I believe I have the rebellious flora in line and have a large pickup sized pile of yard waste in the drive way. (note: NOT a large pickup sized load, but a pile you could hide a large pickup behind!)

Being the beneficent overlord I am, I watered the remaining plants.

Now it's on to the painting.


In case your wondering how I feel about yard work,

Food of My People

The lefse torch has been passed to me. Along with a recipe written in my Grandmother's hand.

Lefse Hints

Russet potatoes only
rice them (do not mash) when "red hot"
when still hot, add cream (1/2 & 1/2) & margarine
then chill 'til "ice cold"
then add flour - start with 2 cups
roll into balls - may then refrigerate again, but not too long

My mother-in-law starts with 7 cups potatoes, 1 cube margarine, cannot tell me how much 1/2 & 1/2, then 2 cups flour

Gude luk

(transcribed exactly)

This all seems vague enough. I'll be making these tomorrow.

(please note the complete lack of blood type ingredients...)